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Proptech Norway is a non-profit network of entrepreneurs, real estate executives, and investors pooling insights to further the sustainable development of cities – one building and neighborhood at a time.

What we do

Proptech Norway is a non-profit association with the purpose to be a network of businesses and people that build relations and share insights to further the sustainable development of buildings and cities. We facilitate meetings of real estate companies and investors with the proptech companies developing the solutions needed to reach the climate goals and develop the industry’s business models. The mandate is to strengthen Norwegian real estate industry’s exposure to new technology and a large global proptech network.

The proptech ecosystem is on fire, with thousands of professionals attending our networking arenas, reading our newsletters and listening to our podcasts last year.

Our Corporate Network is a group of executives at market-defining real estate and technology companies. They meet to share insights and collaborate to define common standrads and approaches to differetn technology verticals.

The Growth Network is a community of startups and entrepreneurs sharing insights, networks and market opportunities. It is growing rapidly, as the companies benefit from talking to each other, participate in Proptech Norway’s arenas and engage with our global ecosystem of clients, investors and advisors.

Who we are

Our Founders

Proptech Norway's founders and secretariat share years of experience from real estate, media, communication, law and innovation - and a deep interest for the technology that improves bottom lines and sustainability in an industry responsible for as much as 40 percent of global emissions.


Anders Mjåset


Sindre Østgård


Henrik Botten Taubøll


Daniel G. Butenschøn

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