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Any tech company that operates in the real estate value chain is welcome to apply for membership in our Growth Network.

Basic membership is free. Premium membership carries a revenue-based fee. See the terms and fill in the form below!

Proptech Norway is a non-profit association with the purpose to be a network of businesses and people that build relations and share insights to further the sustainable development of buildings and cities. We facilitate meetings of real estate companies and investors with the proptech companies developing the solutions needed to reach the climate goals and develop the industry’s business models. The mandate is to strengthen Norwegian real estate industry’s exposure to new technology and a large global proptech network.

Any company in the real estate digital value chain can apply for membership.

To become a member of Proptech Norway's Growth Network, you chose between a Basic Membership, or a Premium Membership which incurs a revenue-based annual fee.

International companies must elect the Premium Membership.

BASIC MEMBERSHIP is free. Your company is included in the national searchable index (under development) of proptech companies with activities in Norway, clients and proptech investors. Basic membership also includes invitations for broad community events like Proptech Summit and Proptech for Breakfast, and the curated newsletter Proptech Brief.  Some Premium services can be purchased by appointment (see graphic below).

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP carries a revenue-based annual fee (see pricing below). Premium Members gain direct access to Proptech Norway’s activities and network of national and global organizations, real estate companies and investors. Premium members receive annual one-on-one strategic sessions on market opportunities and business model development. They are subscribed to special reports on the proptech ecosystem and receive early invitations and presentation opportunities at signature events such as Proptech Summit, Proptech for Breakfast, Proptech Deep Dives, Mini Summits. They also receive invitations to and presentation opportunities at global partner events, including occasional curated trips to conferences and international markets.

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By filling in the form below, the company applies for membership in Proptech Norway. Following approval, you will receive a contract with specified terms and services. The membership is annual and is automatically renewed every January.

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Services & tools relevant to selection of the site, the investment and financing phase, the transaction and commercialization of the building.

Find Property:

Evaluate & Finance Property:

Close on Property:

Services and tools for the planning, design and collaboration of and on projects.

Digital tools and services related to the construction phase

Services and tools for the management of the building - as operator, property manager, facility manager, asset manager.

Asset Utilization:

Manage Property:

New tech and services that impact the end-user experience such as access control, tenant experience & air quality monitoring. Includes urban mobility & logistics solutions.

Services that allow for better circular models and sustainability reporting in real estate.

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