Christian Ringnes: – People with a lot of mortgage can't be sleeping well

Christian Ringnes: – People with a lot of mortgage can't be sleeping well

A full house at this year's final Proptech for Breakfast at Mesh, a network arena that gathers progressive real estate companies with an interest in property technology and the smartest proptech companies.

Read Estate Media's eminent liveblog from this event here

🎅Thank you to everyone who broke bread with us at #ProptechTilJulefrokost - and for a great first year of Proptech Norway, Estate Media Norge and Mesh Oslo's informal morning dives behind the proptech headlines!

🎄Trond Riiber Knudsen (TRK Group AS), Christian Ringnes (Eiendomsspar), and Anders Kvale (Spacemaker AI) shared their sharp, good-humored views on what's ahead for real estate and technology. Dina Moldestad explained the forages of Vogl.com into the global flex-space arena. And Cathrine Dehli of Celsia talked about the ton of bricks hitting real estate as new climate regulations come into play next year.

👼And thank you to our steadfast host @Anders Mjåset for sharing the beautiful poem from OpenAI's chatbot on the future of Norwegian proptech. It is our Christmas gift to our partners, members, and all of you who came to our events this year 💑

The future of Norwegian proptech is bright
A shining beacon in the night
With sleek and modern technology
It’s set to revolutionize the way we see

Gone are the days of clunky keys
And outdated systems that fail with ease
Now, smart homes and buildings reign
With voice commands and touch screens to explain

The potential of proptech is vast
From energy efficiency to security at last
With AI and automation in the mix
The future of proptech is truly fixed

So here’s to the advancements yet to come
In the exciting world of proptech we’re on the run
Towards a future that’s smarter, better and bold
Where property and technology come together to unfold

Merry Christmas! 🎁

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